"Leave on time.
Your time.
Air Taxi"

Air Taxi

Commercial timetables are designed for the convenience of the airlines. With the help of Independent Air we can get you to more meetings
in more cities and still be home for dinner with the family. Why should your life be any more complicated than it already is?

Independent Air Taxi offers clients the solution of an air taxi within UK, Channel Islands and some parts of Europe. 
Air Taxis are perfect credit crunch busters that still give you all the benefits of time, personal experience and service ... perfect for short hops.

Air Taxi's can operate out of smaller airports that are usually restricted for bigger aircraft's giving you a real ‘door to door’ service with minimal transfers.

Independent Air Charter is the recognised sales agent for a Diamond DA-42 aircraft based out of Oxford.  This Aircraft is the most cost effective on the market. 

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Examples of Independent Air's air taxis (Mouse over to view colour photo).