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Benefits & Features
software system for real agencies, property developers and promotors

Benefits - fast, accessible & easy to use

  • Alphashare can be set-up in no time at all and ready for you to start managing your real estate business using all our features straight away.
  • You only need internet access to get full use of the Alphashare system - all your property listing and all your client information. So you can use it from your office, from a laptop, internet cafe or even a PDA or hand-held computer, wherever you are, whenever.
  • Alphashare is a full real estate system, complete with property management, client management, MLS property sharing (from full to no sharing, find out more), new development & re-sale listing, e-mail, website integration and a range of office tools.
  • There's no software to install & no updates to download. Daily backups ensure your information is never lost and information is updated instantly to your website.
  • Alphashare is incredibly user friendly, initial training is given and there's full ongoing support, so you can be get straight on with using the system without a large learning curve.
  • Built using the latest technologies, and specifically for the real estate sector, Alphashare is extremely fast and very reliable enabling you to quickly locate properties and client details and get on with running your business.